Saturday, 16 November 2013

My baby's Rave.

Hi all, I finally got the pictures from my sons first birthday! They are fab, we're lucky as it was a family friend who just so happens to be a photographer.

I'm actually wanting to let you all know what we, 'did' for his party. My friend Faye is the proud creator of, Baby Rave'. An innovative musical interaction experience for kids or better known as playgroups! 
Faye got the idea when she took her son to a playgroup and realized, is this it? What she has come up with is amazing. Every Rave is always a sell out and has just recently featured on Calender News! 
Each Rave is a themed musical active session with singing, instruments and dancing. 

From the Baby Raves then came the idea of doing Pick and mix birthday parties with the stuff she had for raves! So we went with a Baby Rave party. 

It was amazing,we all sat together in a circle, singing songs with shakers and actions, bubbles and disco lights then Peppa & George Pig dropped by. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all his friends too. It was different but so much fun. 

My Mums Shoes x

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