Thursday, 30 January 2014

One of many To - Do lists..................

Things I must do this week......

1. Buy bird food for the big tree in the garden.

Kavan loves looking out of his window into the garden, just outside his window is a huge tree, unfortunately I have noticed we don't have a lot of visitors so I've decided to buy some bird food to stick in the tree and attract the birds. Excuse the pun but i figure this way i can, 'kill to birds with one stone'.
I get to feed the birds (good deed) and see the delight on Kavans face when he sees all the birds from his window.

2. Do the big food shop.

Am I the only one who does a big food shop? Waiting for pay day is a grind, eating tins from the back of the cupboard and mixing random frozen food stuffs together to make a meal..... sound familiar? I must say though I find it very humbling having to create random meals, using up bits and bobs ready for the yummy new food.
I hold my hands up and admit I spend a fortune on food, probably more than I should but hey we love food! That is the one thing I refuse to , 'budget' on. I love buying lovely food such as, Kale, Spinach, Spices and other interesting meal options, it all adds up.

3. Return to my work out regime.

OK hands are up again, I have become so lazy, now that I think about it I realize I cant blame work anymore! I have the option of waking up an hour early to work out or I could do a quick workout when Kavan goes to bed....... Laziness. I'm sure I'm not alone on this topic but Ive come to realize if I don't get up and start exercising again real soon come summer I'm going to regret it and excuses....... Not much point in excuses.... its just another reason not to work out. I really must get up out of armchair.....

4. Oh one more thing.... Sort out Kavans wardrobe.

I have kept hold of so many of Kavans outgrown clothes either because its one of my favorite outfits or purely because its just too good to give away, only now i have about 4 black bags in the bottom of his wardrobe filled with baby clothes.. its about time I gave them to charity.......

My Mums Shoes...x

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