Monday, 17 February 2014

A quick cuppa.......

On Saturday I found myself at a loose end.... Couldn't go out due to the freak weather we've been having, so I put out an appeal to my friends with children to see if anyone fancied a cuppa. It made my day when my friend Jemima said, yes she would love a cuppa and a catch up. So I ran frantically ran around the house, tidied up and cleared the dreaded washing up ready for my friends arrival with her Gorgous daughter Rose.
Kavan and Rose didn't really interact at all with each other, Kavan pulled on her foot a couple of times and they gave each other a nudge, but other than that they both carried on as though the other one wasn't there. All in all though it was a lovely morning.... 

My mums shoes x

Friday, 7 February 2014

A Silent Sunday....... Part 3

The last part of my Silent Sunday is this lovely recipe for homemade popcorn with salted caramel sauce. The Popcorn I used came in one of my Graze boxes so I thought I would jazz it up a bit.

Here is the recipe: 1 packet of microwave popcorn
                              A quater of butter
                              Same amount of brown sugar to butter.

Melt the sugar and butter in a large pan until melted...... on a low heat. Once it begins to simmer keep an eye on it & no matter what DO NOT STIR!

Once the caramel looks thick and gooey pour over the cooked popcorn and mix well.
Add a sprinkle of sea salt.
Spread the popcorn out on a baking sheet and pop in the oven for about 5-6 mins.
Leave to cool and enjoy!

My Mums Shoes x

Crusts & Crumbs.......

I wanted to share my amazing find with you all, there is a little quaint sandwich shop/deli in Chapel Allerton called Crust and Crumb. If you don't know its there its quite hard to spot, however I was driving through Chapel Allerton trying to find something, 'different' for lunch so i thought id give it a go.

I was far from disappointed, what a homely, fresh cosy shop with an amazing choice of food, not your regular cheese and pickle either options include salted beef, chicken with brie, home made leek and sausage rolls, cheese and asparagus tarts and so much more.
Prices start from around £3.75 take away or £4.30 eat in. The food tastes fresh and is filling, this is a great change from re-packaged cardboard sandwiches, if you have not yet had the pleasure of eating from here you really owe it to yourself to go!

Last but by no means least i must tell you about the brownies they sell, believe me when i tell you this is no normal dry tasteless brownie, its moist, rich, melt in the mouth gorgeousness and to top it all..... its gluten free! shame this doesn't double up as fat free!

Crust and Crumb is now my favourite, regular sandwich shop.

You can also purchase bottles of Carrot or Beetroot juice, Tea bags in stunning Indian Elephant canisters, rounds of goats cheese and lots of other yummy bits.

My Mums Shoes x