Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Silent Sunday..... Part 2

Going back to my silent Sunday... I'd love to share this recipie with you all. It's fresh, light and so good for not only your little ones but for you too! The fresh air made me want something packed with goodness, but my cupboards were bare! 

This is the simplest version to help you make do with what you have in. 
Never under estimate the tomatoe there are many different things you can do with them besides slicing in a salad. There cheap, plentiful and so good for you. Packed full of vitamins A, C & E, Flavanoids ( a natural anti-inflammatory ) potassium, mineral salts, an anti oxidant, Lycopene which helps absorb damaging free radicals in our bodies. Plus there low in calories! Here's my recipie......

Bag or carton of tomatoes (large or cherry is fine) 

1 onion 

Couple of carrots 

Tomatoe purée ( if you have )

Veg stock

Pasta ( any kind) 

Soften the onions and carrots. 

Halve or quarter the tomatoes depending on size and add. 

Cook on the lowest heat until they soften. At this point add half a pint of stock stir and cover. 

Bring to the boil & simmer. 

Add in some tomatoe purée stir and simmer until thickened. 

Purée in a blender, add to pan and add a couple of handfuls of pasta. Simmer until pasta is soft. 

Serve with a swirl of double cream/croutons/or grated cheese. 

Depending on what you have in you can make as sime it as luxurious as you want! Olive oil, black pepper and cream are great. You could add celery too. I try to be careful not to rob the tomatoes of there flavour by over adding ingredients. 

You can also de seed and peel the skin before blending but hey, this is the simple busy mum version :) 

Bon appetite! 

My Mums Shoes x


  1. Mina, your blogs are awesome! Have you every thought of blogging for money writing what you write about here?

    1. Thank you do much! That's very kind, yes I would love to do that, just awaiting an approach :)